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Shopping At WAFI Mall, Dubai

The Noble Chocolatier

ground floor
Phone Number: +971 4 396 2226


The Noble Chocolatier, inspired by the aristocratic beginnings of chocolate in Europe, is a brand we proudly associate with an unbridled passion for the chocolatier’s art. Established under the Azal Group, we envision being a home grown brand of premium chocolates, made with the highest quality of globally sourced ingredients.

Our aim is to go beyond an international standard of luxury with our promise of an artisanal yet lavish experience when you indulge in our chocolates, produced entirely in the UAE. At The Noble Chocolatier we believe in creating the ‘food of royalty’. Our journey to create the finest chocolates begins with our search of the best cacao beans from the equatorial plains of Africa to the deep-rooted forests of South America.

Our magic is delicately handcrafted by a passionate team of chocolatiers in our atelier led by our Italian mai?tre chocolatier. Fashioned to evoke sensational experiences, our chocolates transport you from the royal courts of European aristocracy that inspired the exquisite delights we enjoy today, to the romantic cafes of France and Italy where chocolate and coffee are quite simply ‘a marriage made in heaven’.

Our collection transports you on a journey through fruits, spices, flowers and Arabic flavors into a world of Pralines, Truffles, Cremino, Foglio and Gourmandises that are as indulgent as they are delicious. Come visit us at our Wafi home to experience the true craft of ‘The Noble Chocolatier.’