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Shopping At WAFI Mall, Dubai

Dubai Courts Centre

1st floor
Phone Number: 043-706037

The Dubai Courts centre provides services of:

1. Amicable settlement of Dispute Services
2. Notary Public Services
3. Personal Status Attestation Services

Notary Public services

Memorandum of Association.
Share Sale Agreement
Memorandum of Understanding
Power of Attorney

Legal Services

Typing of Legal Notice
Cases Reply
Typing of Dubai Court Applications

Legal Consultancies

Online Case registrations and follow up statements on Cases
1. Civil, Commercial, and real estate claims
2. Labor claims and execution
3. Execution (civil, commercial, real estate)
4. Appeals
5. Summary procedures and provisional matters
6. Smart applications
7. Case inquiries

P.R.O Services

Setting up business
Liquidation of business/company
Auditing, Accounting & related VAT Services

Office support services

Copying, Printing and Scanning
Rubber Stamps
Photocopy Services
Fax Services & Email Services

Translation Services
Legal Translation
Normal Translation


Mr Wael Al Debs (Contact: 055-8247949)