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Ghenej Jewellery - inspired by Oriental Art

Ghenej Jewellery

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Phone Number: 04 3279793


Launched on 09.09.2009, Ghenej is a collection of exquisite, individually-handmade jewellery created by Dubai-based designer Muna Al-Haddad.

Intertwining classic, vintage Arabic designs with contemporary, classic and simple twists, each item in the Ghenej collection - featuring necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings –distinctively reflect its creator’s passions in life: poetry, painting and the intricate art of Arabic calligraphy.
Al-Haddad revisited the glamour of centuries-old jewellery and combined her own memories with her understanding of the modern, classic woman, for whom jewellery is a symbol of her style and status. She sought to refresh and rejuvenate historical pieces by giving them a contemporary, slimmer and sleeker look and using combinations of modern materials, including glass, leather and silk with hand-sourced diamonds, precious stones, and golds, all synonymous with early Arabic jewellery.

With the name Ghenej meaning ‘coquetry’ - chosen to encapsulate the uniqueness of femininity - the designer’s watchword is “simplicity”, ensuring every exquisitely-crafted handmade item in her collections is a fluid, timeless piece to be both cherished and worn. Her aim is to create wearable pieces for women who want exclusivity, creativity and classicality from their jewellery.
Al-Haddad’s work is inspired by “anything beautiful that I see”, and each item is like ‘a piece of art’, she says, to ensure the women choosing her designs know they are wearing a unique piece. This work spans the age spectrum: Al-Haddad creates pieces that will be treasured for a lifetime for daughters, mothers, and grandmothers alike.
Her first collection - Turathy, comprising 36 pieces inspired by early Arabic jewellery– was displayed in Dubai’s Harvey Nichols store in 2009, making it the first Emirati jewellery brand launched in an international store, with Bloomingdales soon following suit. Al-Haddad has since produced a wide, diverse, and highly-tailored range of further collections: Qsayed, inspired by poetry; Huroof, reflecting the Arabic alphabet; Qada, where all designs stem from pictures of leaders; the Emirati and National Day collections, a jewellery-based tribute to her country; the Hob (meaning ‘love’) collection; the De Men Ores collection for girls; Alyamama, inspired by the Arab world’s equestrian heritage; and the Special Pieces collection, a range of unique, one-off items whose design is driven by an emotional experience. For those desiring a personalised and bespoke item of jewellery, Al-Haddad also takes special requests to design and create one-off pieces tailor-made for clients.

Having seen her jewellery shine in big-name stores, Al-Haddad decided, in 2013, to establish her own private boutique in Dubai’s Wafi Mall. More boutiques are now set to open, while her work can also be found in Dubai International Airport. And her success, and the widening appeal of her jewellery is illustrated by her receiving the Sheikha Shamsa bint Suhail Award for Creative Women in the UAE; becoming a jury member for the Ebda’a Jewellery Designer Award, part of Abu Dhabi’s Annual Jewellery and Watch Show; and amassing a clientele that includes UAE royalty.
Her business also has corporate social responsibility, and a sense of service and contribution, at its forefront. A percentage of the proceeds from many of Al-Haddad’s collections are donated to charitable initiatives across the UAE, the country which provides the inspiration for so much of her work, and whose people have embraced it.
Even after achieving so much in such a short time, Al-Haddad has more dreams to pursue. She aims to become an internationally-renowned jewellery designer, establishing her position in the global jewellery marketplace and working with some of its most prestigious names. What began as a hobby has become a passion, and a UAE business success story.
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