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Shopping At WAFI Mall, Dubai

Patrick Hellmann Collection

Patrick Hellmann Collection

ground floor
Phone Number: 04-3967337

Patrick Hellmann Collection now at Wafi.

Patrick Hellmann Collection is a stylish design concept that unites classic cuts with a modern expression of extravagance.

Patrick Hellmann Collection is based on design elegance which has the ability to absorb modern styles. All designs include classic English with the incorporation of modern Italian style. Due to its classic cut and with the clews attention to modern fashion concepts, his collection can be worn for all business and formal occasions. Patrick Hellmann’s modern approach to style and design as well as his wide range of clothes is perfectly suited to mix and match as the customer desires. This ensures that the client can have confidence that the image these clothes will project is consistent with modern fashion and his own unique taste. But most importantly the clothes from Patrick Hellmann are loved all over the world for it is pure quality and perfect design.

Patrick Hellmann suits are mostly handmade, their softness makes it possible to take into account all the features of the figure. Patrick Hellmann suits fabrics amazes the imagination - this vicuna cashmere, the finest wool with a gold thread of 22 carat or tissue treated with "diamond" crumbs. Some fabrics are formed weave multi-colored threads. Such a structure gives a stunning effect of changing hues, up to changing the color of the suit lighting conditions change. Buttons are used in all the suits made of natural materials, silver, pearl, ivory or made of walnut wood.

Patrick Hellmann’s signature are double-breasted and a three-piece suits. Of course, the creation of this work of art takes time, each suits from Patrick Hellmann sewn on average, about 8 weeks.

These suits and the products of other labels is impossible to entangle - it will be confirmed by any understanding man.