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Cupping Therapies with Dr. Benazir

Cupping therapies are performed using suction on different points of the body to create a vacuum. The suction draws the skin up in the cups, relieving any congestion and blockages, bringing deep-seated toxins towards the surface for elimination. Specific points are chosen according to the concern of the person, whether it be for detoxification for any other therapeutic conditions.

There are two types of cupping treatments, dry and wet/hijama. Cupping is beneficial for a variety of conditions including migraines, digestive problems, lower back, neck or shoulder pain, insomnia, and rheumatism.

Choose from a variety of cupping therapies available:
1. Improves poor blood circulation
2. Excellent for detoxification and cellulite reduction
3. Helps eliminate water retention
4. Improves the immune system
5. Relieves muscle aches and pains
6. Improves lymphatic drainage

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