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Sauvage Privé by Roberto Coin

In the world of fashion, every woman is considered an explorer on a quest to discover new rules and styles in elegance. It has nothing to do with vanity. For many women, exploring refinement is a natural instinct; what they choose to wear stems from values that go much deeper than simple appearances and these women choose to be authentic and to wear their freedom, every day.

Roberto Coin chose to leave the rules of classic fine jewellery behind when he created his Sauvage Privé collection. Its revolutionary shapes and colors intensify the deeply instinctive, unconventional essence that every woman possesses. With his Sauvage Privé jewels, Roberto Coin celebrates those women that he considers courageous and irresistible.

The design’s unrestrained, boldfaced geometry goes far beyond innovation. The same impulse is reflected in the unusual choice of stones used to decorate the collection. Black jade, which is extremely difficult to cut, is the shiny, forceful star of the collection. The malachite, with its naturally unique design is the perfect advocate for the company’s mission: to dedicate an exclusive piece of jewellery to every woman.

Discover the collection at Roberto Coin boutique on the ground floor at WAFI. For more information, call +971 432 79 880

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