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At Cleopatra’s Spa, we offer a long list of Unani Medicine, Cupping and Ayurveda to help you work towards a healthy mind, body and soul.

Unani Medicine is a system of alternative medicine that originated in ancient Greece but is now practiced primarily in India. Involving the use of herbal remedies, dietary practices, and alternative therapies, Unani medicine addresses the prevention and treatment of disease.

It’s not just a treatment plan in a course of illness, but also a way to live a healthy life free of diseases, with strength and vitality and improve longevity.

Cupping is one of the curative treatment we swear by. It is used to treat a long list of ailments, from back pain, to digestion problems, to migraines as well as, it increases the blood flow and helps reduce the appearance of scarring.

Book your consultation with Dr. Benazir by calling 04 324 7700.

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