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Shopping At WAFI Mall, Dubai

Calligraphy engraving on all type of materials - leather, wood, shell, needle, stones, silver, gold, precious stones including diamonds etc
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Golden Pen Engraving L.L.C

souk 1st floor
Phone Number: 050-2522537

Amir Hossein Golshani, gained an early love for calligraphy during his growing up years in his native Iran. He took his passion for Islamic art to another level and opened Golden Pen in Khan Murjan at Wafi, Dubai. From this shop in the Moroccan Quarter of the 14th century style souk, Amir creates beautiful works of art using calligraphy and engraving.

Amir’s art is engraving, jewellery and calligraphy – which he uses together. He has engraved on wood, skins, leather, stones, silver, gold, precious and semi-precious stones including diamonds. He use different fonts for engraving and can engrave in Arabic, English, Farsi and also few more other languages. He has a special knack for engravings that are so small they can’t be seen by the naked eyes. In fact, such is his talent that he holds a record for the smallest engraving in the world. Check out Amir’s web site http://amirhosseingolshani.blogspot.com

Al Qalm Al Zahbi Engraving LLC is located on the Upper level of the Moroccan quarter.

Golden Pen was found by reowned artist and calligrapher Amir Hossein in 2006. The studio is based in Khan Murjan, Wafi Mall, Dubai, UAE.